Fashion And Beauty Brands That Dug A Hole For Themselves In 2018 Adidas

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Fashion And Beauty Brands That Dug A Hole For Themselves In 2018 Adidas1

Earlier this week,Stefano Gabbana, of the Italian high fashion label Dolce Gabbana,felt compelled to call Selena Gomez uglyon Instagram, sparking outrage among her fans.Of course, Gomez is not ugly, and Gabbana had no place commenting on the star's looks. But given his history of making offensive remarks, the designer apparently feeds off controversy. (And somehow, the fashion industry never really seems to care.)The whole situation got us thinking:Controversies are a dime a dozen in the world of fashion and beauty. We're only halfway through 2018, and the brands and individuals below have already dug themselves into holes (some deeper than others).Stefano Gabbana, Adidas by Alexander Wang TURNOUT BBALL of Italian luxury label Dolce Gabbana, found himself in hot water this week with Selena Gomez's army of Selenators (and Miley Cyrus) after he criticized Gomez's looks on Instagram.Both Gabbana and his business partner Domenico Dolce have a history of making offensive remarks, including about sexual assault, gay families and IVF. They've also faced backlash for fawning over Melania Trump, which prompted them to respond to the haters by releasing "Boycott Dolce Gabbana" T shirts. Kat Von D has experienced her fair share of controversy over the years, especially in regard to her beauty brand (which isn't the best with lipstick names). But this month, the tattoo artist sparked a debate online after she posted an Instagram caption that many believed expressed anti vaccination views. As a result, some questioned whether or not her views would sink her eponymous beauty brand.On Thursday, Von D responded to the backlash, telling followers that she is not, Fashion And Beauty Brands That Dug A Hole For Themselves In 2018 Adidas in fact, an anti vaxxer."Our personal medical records are no one business, and why we would feel it important for us to explore all our options when it comes to vaccinating our child, is also no one business regardless of what I post on Instagram," she wrote.Karl Lagerfeld's name is definitely as recognizable as a brand, so we're including him here.The Chanel designer, much like fellow designers Dolce and Gabbana, has been running his mouth for years with few repercussions. In April, he shared some controversial thoughts on the Me Too movement in an interview with Numero magazine."I fed up with it . What shocks me most in all of this are the starlets who have taken 20 years to remember what happened," he said. "Not to mention the fact there are no prosecution witnesses." Shopping Adidas With Wholesale Price: Tags: #yupoo adidas #yeezy boost 350 #yeezy #yeezy shoes #adidas yeezy #yupoo #yupoo aliexpress #yupoo shoes #aliexpress yupoo #yupoo search #yupoo english #shoes yupoo